VTCT Level 4 courses

Level 4 Award in Physiology for Advanced Beauty Therapy


This course provides you with the knowledge to fully understand in depth Skin Ageing at a Level 4 level (equiv. to a foundation degree) and advanced beauty treatments have on an ageing skin. The content of the course is specific to your work in treating ageing skin within an advanced aesthetic skin treatments. On completion of the course you will have a solid basis and understanding when treating ageing skin with advanced beauty treatments and be able to progress on to complete the new Level 4 Chemical Peel qualification once it has launched with VTCT. This course is ideal for those wishing to specialise in remedial skin care and advanced aesthetic skin treatments. 


Who is the course suitable for? 


The Level 4 Award in Physiology for Advanced Beauty Therapists is suitable for all therapists who wish to facilitate greater opportunities for business success extending their knowledge and practice skills.


·   Qualified Beauty Therapists working, or wanting to work, in the medispa environment or start offering/currently offer Chemical Peel treatments

·   Beauty Therapy Students wanting to grow their knowledge in a popular developing area of the beauty industry

Ideal for therapists wanting to breakdown the units of a full NVQ Level 4 into manageable chunks of learning and for financial reasons. 


How long is the course?


8 weeks in total (5 sessions in person):


·   Pre Read booklet at home prior to the course

·   4 full day sessions at our training centre

·   3 weeks - Assignment work at home

·   1 revision and exam date at our training centre


How much is the course?


The course is £400. (This can be paid in two instalments).


What does the course cover?


The course is a Level 4 course and the knowledge is in depth and at an advanced level covering:

·   Characteristics of ageing

·   Intrinsic and extrinsic ageing

·   Ageing process in the cells and tissues

·   Wound healing processes

·   Pathological changes

·   UV effects on the skin and pre cautions

·   Degenerative disorders

·   Ingredients and key treatments suitable for delaying the ageing process