Beauty Training courses available



Classic facial and skincare

A facial is an essential skill for any therapist. During the two day course you will cover diagnosing and treating different skin types and conditions alongside deep cleansing, toning, exfoliation, face, neck and shoulder massage movements, mask application and moisturising techniques.

Duration: 2 weeks 10am - 4pm with case studies

Eyelash/Brow tinting/shaping

Eyelash tinting enhances the appearance of the eyes. Tinting the hairs makes them appear darker and thicker. Ideal for holidays as it can eliminate the need for mascara. Shaping the eyebrows to suit the clients eye and face shape can completely change the clients overall appearance.

Duration 1/2 day: 10 am -1 pm/1 pm - 4 pm

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

This course focuses on eyelash and brow tinting and gives you the skills to enhance the appearance of brows and lashes with a range of tint shades.

Duration: 1/2 day: 10am - 1pm/1pm - 4pm 

Eyelash Perming/lifting

Combines well with the Lash and Brow course as eyelash perming/lifting is an extra chargable treatment that can be given before an eyelash tint. Eyelashes are curled using a mini roller and mild perming solution, the effects will last up to 3 months.

Duration: 1/2 day 10am-1pm/1pm-4pm 

Weekend/Strip Lashes/Express Lashes

Learn how to correctly apply weekend and strip lashes to create a number of different looks. Can be a stand alone treatment or within a make-up treatment.

Duration: 1/2 day 10am - 1pm/1-4pm 

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

A treatment that has taken the beauty industry by storm and is adored by many clients. Lashes are available in a variety of lengths, colours and thicknesses and are selected to suit the client's requirements. The lashes are bonded to the client's natural lashes using a special adhesive that creates a permanent bond. The finished look is stunning. the lashes look longer, thicker and completely natural, enhancing the appearance of the eyes. The effect can last up to 12 weeks with the client returning for maintenance every 2-3 weeks.

Duration: 1 day 10am - 4.30pm

Make up

Discover the artistic approach to applying a beautiful make-up. Make-up is well known as the most accessible fashionable accessory and eye make-up in particular is the most effective way to give your clients a fresh new look. Day and evening make-up is covered in the training course along with colour matching for different skin, eye and face shapes.

Duration: 1 day 10am -4pm 

Airbrush Make-up

Discover the flawless artistic approach to applying a beautiful make-up application using an airbrush. Discover how to colour match for different skin tones, eye and face shapes using the airbrush and airbrush make-up to create day and evening looks.

Duration: 1 day 10am -4pm

Mineral Make-up

Discover how to use mineral make-up effectively within your business. The course covers the benefits of using mineral make-up and how to create a range of looks from day to evening make-up applications for the whole face including a range of simple smoky eye looks.

Duration: 1/2 day 10am -1pm/1pm-4pm

Warm Waxing

Wax depilation provides a quick and efficient way of clearing small and large areas of unwanted hair. This is a very popular treatment particularly during the summer months. The clients skin will be left feeling smooth, the treatment lasts between 4-6 weeks.

Duration: 1 day 10am-4pm with case studies.

Facial Waxing

Learn how to shape the eyebrows using waxing products and how to remove hair from the lip and chin safely.

Duration: 1/2 day. 10am - 1pm/1pm-4pm 

Hot Waxing

Using the hot wax method for hair removal is very effective for coarse deep-rooted hair. Hot wax adheres to the hair but not the skin and therefore eliminates any sticky residue, excellent for bikini line waxing.

Duration: 1 day 10am-4pm

Female Intimate Waxing

This course is only available to those who have completed a waxing course previously and have 6 months waxing experience. Covers Brazilian, Hollywood and Californian bikini line waxing using a hot waxing technique.

Duration: 1 day 10-4pm with case studies


An ancient method of hair removal using a special cotton thread, ideal for facial hair removal and popular with clients within a salon or mobile as can have a lesser skin reaction than waxing.

Duration: 1/2 day 10-1pm/1-4pm

Sugaring (beginners)

An ancient method of hair removal, achieved by applying sugar paste with your hands and flicking off removing the hairs in the paste. Ideal for clients with sensitive skin as the formula does not require heating. Covers leg, underarm and forearm waxing.

Duration: 1 day 10am-4pm

Advanced Sugaring

An ancient method of hair removal, achieved by applying sugar paste with your hands and flicking off removing the hairs in the paste. Ideal for clients with sensitive skin as the formula does not require heating. Covers bikini line, facial waxing and perfecting techniques from the beginners course.

Duration: 1 day 10am - 4pm

Complete Brow

6 steps to amazing brows, client demand has increased dramatically for this treatment over the last five years. This course covers 6 steps to achieve a defined and finished brow look including waxing, threading, plucking and tinting.

Duration: 1 day 10am - 4pm